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LEER – SPRINGBREAKNOPARENTS 12-INCH coming soon! The band will be on tour with CASKET starting this week.

August 7 – San Francisco, CA @ The 654
August 8 – Redding, CA @ The Pastry House
August 9 – Tacoma, WA @ It’s Been A Summer Pre-Fest
August 10 – Centralia, WA @ It’s Been A Summer Fest
August 11 – Bremerton, WA @ The Charleston
August 12 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
August 13 – Portland, OR @ Laughing Horse Books
August 14 – San Francisco, CA @ Submission
August 17 – Cupertino, CA @ Homestead Lanes (RECORD RELEASE SHOW, flyer below)


In other news, SHINOBU will also be releasing a record at this show. It’s a split 7-inch with FOUR TOMORROW from Saitama, Japan. I hope you like it. You can pre-order it HERE! Niiiiice.

He Looks Like A Gorilla


Lots of exciting stuff going on with the PNP phamily these days! A lot of new records from new and old faces, and I hope you’re all as excited as I am for these to come out! Here’s a quick list of some upcoming stuff:

“How’s Everybody’s Doings” 7-Inch
Sim recorded 4 brand new jams with Summer Vacation as his backing band. Definitely the type of stuff you 20-somethings will want to listen to as you live through folly after increasingly embarrassing folly. FUN FUN!!! Coming out in June.

Brilliant, jazzy skramz from the best young dudes in San Jose and Santa Cruz. This is gonna be co-released with our damies at Lauren Records and Texas Toast DIY. Hopefully this will be available by late summer.

Some decidedly un-smooth (rough?) jazz from the world’s sexiest vegetarian trombonist. Solo and group stuff. This will be out any day now!

Split 7-Inch
2 brand new jams from each band. Four Tomorrow are consistently one of Japan’s dopest bands, always refining and rejuvenating their brand of cathartic, melodic punk. You know the deal with Shinobu! This is gonna be co-released with Suburbia Works in Japan.

There’s more stuff on the horizon, so in the meantime tell your friends and family that you love them, chill at the buffet and do whatever feels good.


I’m Too Old For This

Shinobu - Strange Spring Air

The LPs are in! Anyone coming to the Shinobu show at Texas Toast House on June 14 will be able to pick one up… or at any show after that! Shinobu has a surprisingly good amount of shows coming up this summer.

I just heard the Classics of Love demo… so dope!!! Rumor has it that them boyzzz will be getting their grabando (whilst I get my grub on, yo) later this summer.

These nice guys, good looking guys will be coming to California from Japan later this summer, too (whilst I get my grub on, yo). More info on those shows soon.

Kiss those clouds goodbye, summer is finally upon us! Hurrah! Hurrah!