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We’re Not Alone


We’re super happy to announce the first LP from FUSS, We’re Not Alone. Fuss is a 3-piece punk band from Terminal Island, CA featuring singer/bassist Bob Vielma, guitarist Chase Knobbe, and drummer Nick Aguilar. With an earnest and direct melodicism inspired by J-pop, disco, and 80s British punk, Fuss drop tiny anthems of life after your 20s: trying to keep cool when you feel terrible, working, and continuing to seek out community. Honest and vulnerable, their debut album We’re Not Alone captures the immediacy and uncertainty of the millennial experience: an openhearted yearning felt all the more intensely as the world falls apart around us.

Flying by in a brisk 16 minutes, We’re Not Alone arrives with the warmth of an old friend, and sounds better with each playthrough. Produced and recorded by Jeff Rosenstock on 8-track reel to reel tape in streetwear company Undefeated’s LA warehouse, the album expertly captures the infectious energy, punk songwriting and heartfelt emotions that Knobbe and Vielma have been making in their respective bands for the better part of two decades now.


Howdy! Here’s a demo from a new band in the PNP phamily: FUSS! Enjoy! First show July 4 @ Rick’s House in San Pedro.