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Shinobu – 10 Thermidor

shinobu - 10 thermidor

Preview a song from the forthcoming SHINOBU album, 10 Thermidor, called “Culture, Inc.” over at the Onion AV Club. Click HERE for that. We’re very excited to share that with you and can’t wait to share the rest of the record with you soon.

What we’re doing for the album is a pre-order meets fundraiser of sorts. Our good friends at LAUREN RECORDS and REALLY RECORDS will be releasing the record and are currently taking orders for the LP (on either translucent red or white vinyl), along with bundles that include extra goodies like an exclusive zine, tape, and t-shirt. Here’s what that insane t-shirt will look like…


The fundraiser part comes in like this: Once we sell $1000 worth of stuff, we’ll release another song. At $2000, yet another song. Upon hitting $3000, we’ll release the whole dang record for free over at Quote Unquote Records. I hope that sounds coooooool.



Shinobu’s Strange Spring Air LP is back in print! You can pick one up directly from us HERE or from our good friends at LAUREN RECORDS who helped us to re-release it. New label artwork, new insert, and the covers on this one are hand-screened (in case you collector nerds wanted to know!)

Makin’ Jokes!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Bottom of the Hill show last night. We’ve played tons of awesome shows there before, but never as the headliner. I was really nervous all night, but everything ended up awesome! I finally got to see Great Apes (whatever happened to Olehole?), and Wild Moth and The Exquisites are pretty much my favorite bands going these days.

Shinobu will be touring this summer with our good friends THE WILD and our last show on tour will be at this awesome festival being put on by our friends at Lauren Records:


More info on the tour soon!

Thanks to all the nice people in the world! Life is weird, but also surprisingly nice.