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Punk + Guy Fieri

Hi friends! The Rafa’s Tacos Mixtape is out now! Mailorder here, or listen above on bandcamp or on spotify here.

Yulia / Olivias Split 7″

Yulia - Olivias split 7-inch

We’re super jazzed to finally release this split between YULIA and OLIVIAS. Yulia play reverb-drenched indie/punk, as if the Buzzcocks had stumbled drunkenly onto the Creation Records roster. OLIVIAS play stark indie rock, with the no-frills catchiness of Sebadoh, and the tense energy of Track Star. Check out the songs below and MAILORDER HERE.

First pressing of 500 on marble red vinyl.

yulia - olivias vinyl

There’s a bar in hell…

OG record release

Organized Grime’s record release show is this Saturday in Livermore, CA. Come pick up a copy of the record, homeys! If you can’t make it out, feel free to pick up a copy from the PNP mailorder.

Hank Richardson – Favorite Singer

New video from PNP amigo and pun heavyweight, Hank Richardson. You might remember him from past Bay Area bands like Lemon Party and Yulia. The song featured in the video, “Favorite Singer”, is available now on a 2-song cassingle from Suitors Club Records. Pick up a copy for yourself, NOW!!! Fans of pun badboy Kyle Pellet will be excited about his awesome cover artwork as well.



Long time friend ZACK plays in this band, PRETTY OLD, who are about to release a split with San Jose’s SALT FLAT. YOW!!!

San Jose show with them this weekend!



Some Yulia demos for all y’all.

This show is going to be bonkers!!!! Buy Wild Moth’s new 7″ if you’re there.


Gnarboots & DJ COCO will be performing at this show with the ridickalissly good MINIBOSSES. I didn’t even know they were still around, years after jamming their BRASS album. Check out this dope track from the ridickalissly titled BRASS 2:MOUTH album:

Yulia will be playing with them the next day, June 3rd at Streetlight Records in San Jose. NIIICE!