Cat Music for Cat People comp
Various Artists
Cat Music For Cat People 10"
"10 bands, 10 songs, 10 inches! if you can multiply, that means fun x1000! this purrfect slab of wax has four bands from japan, four from the san francisco bay area, one from austin, and one from fullerton. each band does a song either about cats (or in some cases, just barely mentions cats in the lyrics) and it makes for a great record that even dog people will like (even if they "don't get it")

you might think "a whole comp about cats? the fuck?" - but in truth the cats just run around, in and out of the songs, intertwining with the topics the band wanted to sing about even if the cats weren't home. trust me, if you just listen to the first track (in which the band's vocalist himself mistook his own song for a bent outta shape song) then you'll be hooked. your sister, your grandpa, yo mama, everyone - this will catch the ears of fans of these bands: cap'n jazz, teengenerate, early alkaline trio (and 1990's asian man records in general), dillinger four, underground railroad to candyland, jawbreaker, school jackets, going steady (at least moreso than ging nang boyz), husker du, 1980's japanese pop, the pixies, and even reggae? los crudos too? (nah, couldn't be...) - you'll hear nuggets of these influences buried under the surface, like surprises in the litterbox; not brown but will stick with you all the same (in a pleasant way)!

a portion of the san francisco bay area scene as well as their 2 expat bands in different parts of japan, not to mention 2 native japanese bands in their own scene and a southern california band and austin band, are all represented here... you get a sort of family portrait on this record, but not too incestuous... besides, cats don't do that shit

if you like NONE of those bands (what's your problem anyway?) and that doesn't get the hair on your tail fluffed up, the last track will - it's like the guy from eraserhead fronting the smiths writing the soundtrack for nightmare on elm street (don't stray too far from the repeated lyrical hook or you might end up on a bad trip, dude)... and hey, that song with a dance beat (with a surf guitar at the end of the song? the hell?) at the end of side A ain't bad either, right? the songs all have a fluidity (out of any of the given bands above in bold, at least two bands on this record are fans of that band... some bands are fans of other bands on the comp even! was i wrong about cats and incest?)

limited to 385 hand-numbered, hand-folded copies, all lyrics are included in both english and japanese! great music, cats, what more could you want? people that don't like cats are either jerks or have allergies - so what's your excuse?

oh, and four tomorrow from japan will be doing a one week stretch of shows in california in the first half of august 2011. you probably wanna catch at least one show and come drink with us"-Catfood $ Records

Track List
1. PARTY GARBAGE (Austin) - Living on an Island
2. FOUR TOMORROW (Saitama) - Miles
3. SHINOBU (San Jose) - Sometimes I Wish I Were a Cat
4. AUDACITY (Fullerton) - Run Kitty Run
5. KITSCHY GUYZ (Yokohama) - Blue Day

6. SEVENTEEN AGAIN (Tokyo) - Heart is Waste and Money Spend
7. ALBERT SQUARE (San Jose) - Holding Patterns (Oh, Steven!)
8. BEARS (Nagoya) - Cat Lady
9. NERD SHOES (San Francisco) - Jamroad
10. GNARBOOTS (Oakland) - Cats in Pajamas