Hi friends! 2015 was a great year for the Phat ‘n’ Phunky Phamily, and it’s cool to be a part of an awesome community doing amazing things. Thanks to all the bands for letting me ride their coattails, and to all of you who support the Phamily! This is all the stuff that we released this year:

-The Albert Square “I (Assume I) Know What I’m Doing” LP
-Diners “It’s All True” 7-Inch
-Koi “First Week” Tape
-Slime Girls “Yumemi/Lonely Planet Girl” 7-Inch
-Great Hart “Fear of Missing Out” Tape
-Yulia / Olivias Split 7-Inch
-Organized Grime 7-Inch

WOW! Next year we’ll have a new 7-Inch from The Exquisites and a Rafa’s Tacos Vegan Mexican Food tribute album for all y’all, along with whatever else comes up!

Above is a photo of me on Dec. 31, 2008 drinking a cocktail called a “Sex in the City” at a fancy bar in Shibuya, Tokyo. I lost the dope-ass Garfield sweatshirt a couple of years later at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, and intense feelings of regret over it haunt me to this day… HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY!!!