PNP Mailorder
I hope you find something you like here in the mailorder section. We’ll try to throw in some extra goodies with each order. NIIIIICE!

Flexing - Modern Discipline New Release!
Cassette Tape – $6.00

Modern Discipline
Dark, aggressive, political post-punk band from Corvallis, Oregon. Recommended for fans of Fugazi and This Is My Fist!

Friend of my Youth - Telling New Release!
Cassette Tape – $5.00
Friend Of My Youth

Sharp melodic punk from this bold 3-piece. Singer/guitarist Indiana Laub is the fierce, beating heart of the amazing Corvallis scene, and a DIY legend in my book.
Friend of my Youth - Telling LP New Release!
Vinyl – $15.00
Friend Of My Youth

Sharp melodic punk from this bold 3-piece. Singer/guitarist Indiana Laub is the fierce, beating heart of the amazing Corvallis scene, and a DIY legend in my book. LP version from Salinas Records & Secret Pennies.
Rafa's Tacos Mixtape New Release!
Cassette Tape – $6.00
Various Artists

Rafa’s Tacos Mixtape
Friends from Northern California, Southern California, Arizona, and Japan come together to rock in honor of our favorite taquero, Rafa’s Tacos. All profits from this project to be donated to the American Diabetes Association.

Albert Square LP Vinyl – $12.00
The Albert Square

I (Assume I) Know What I’m Doing LP
First full-length of Costello-esque indie/punk from this San Jose band. Gigantic guitars and killer melodies, with lyrics about the potentially never-ending journey to self-discovery and fulfillment.
Albert Square - Agnes Cassingle Cassette Tape – $5.00
The Albert Square

3-song cassingle, including a cover of Blondie’s “Shayla”.

Albert Square 7inch Vinyl – $5.00
The Albert Square

How’s Everybody’s Doings? 7″
A collection of driven, lo-fi songs straddling the border of punk and indie rock and centering around themes of loneliness, isolation and the consequences of royally screwing up.

Angry Nerd - Forever Young Compact Disc – $8.00
Angry Nerd

Forever Young
Released by Nodevans Records
Angry Nerd’s new album, with a slightly more pop-oriented sound, and songs about growing up, but not giving up.

Beat The Oak - Tune In To... Compact Disc – $1.00
Beat The Oak

Tune In To…
New band from members of Parts of Speech.

Bradbury - Huckle Vinyl – $5.00

Huckle 7″
Former Pillowfights-members Mark and Trevor have carried their creative flair for technical yet joyfully ramshackle pop punk on to this new band, Bradbury. 4 great songs on their debut record!

Breakfast In Silence-Calendar Year Split Tape Cassette Tape – $5.00
Breakfast in Silence / Calendar Year

Nice people punk rockers from SLC and NYC condensed into one fuego tape. Breakfast in Silence play moody, stark post-punk, contrasted with Calendar Year’s wide-eyed, emotional punk. 4 songs from each band. Split release with Makeout Point Records.

Calling All Monsters - The Traps That Work Best Compact Disc – $5.00
Calling All Monsters

The Traps That Work Best
Released by Turn Records
Tense, heavy indie rock from San Francisco, featuring members of Track Star and Little Mercury.

Cesar Ruiz Tape – $5.00
Cesar Ruiz

For Music Lovers
Pensive, experimental rock & roll with hints of R&B and 80′s guitar pop, reminiscent of fellow Arizona-bred musicians like iji and Stephen Steinbrink, but uniquely offbeat and exciting. For Music Lovers explores themes of spirituality in the mundane, race and class in society, and observation of one’s surroundings.

Covetor Cassette Tape – $5.00

Thank You
Riff-heavy, psychedelic skate punk from Los Angeles. Features members of The French Exit and Ghost Limb.

Diners - Always Room LP Vinyl – $15.00

Always Room LP
First full-length from this wistful and youthful desert pop band from Phoenix, AZ. A moody 1950′s pop sensibility permeates the record, while also summoning an earnest Pavement-esque sentimentality. Features members of the band Dogbreth.
The Exquisites - Count On Me 7-INCH Vinyl – $6.00
The Exquisites

Count On Me 7″
Heavy power-pop and supremely soulful melodies of a Cooke-ish nature. Now splitting members between Seattle and San Francisco, The Exquisites are back with two new hits!

Glocca Morra - Summer Vacation split 7-inch Vinyl – $5.00
Glocca Morra / Summer Vacation

Split 7″
Released by Lauren Records
Sloppy emotional punk of the best kind from these bi-coastal buddies.

Great Hart - Fear of Missing Out Tape Cassette Tape – $5.00
Great Hart

Fear of Missing Out
Debut EP of confessional pop-punk from San Jose’s Great Hart. Featuring members of Leer and Matsuri.

Hank Richardson - Fanclub Cassette Tape – $5.00
Hank Richardson

6-song EP of lo-fi indie rock from this Lemon Party/Yulia alum. Sweet songs for sad bastards.

Hank Richardson - Stuck Lonesome Cassette Tape – $5.00
Hank Richardson

Stuck Lonesome
Minimalist and melancholy, doo-wop-inflected indie from San Francisco. For fans of Jonathan Richman. 8-song full-length.

Hard Girls - A Thousand Surfaces Cassette Tape – $5.00
Hard Girls

A Thousand Surfaces
Hard Girls explore the wondrous and sometimes dark paths of human existence with a seasoned honesty that belies the unbridled energy of their songs. “A Thousand Surfaces” recalls early post-punk pioneers like Wire and The Fall, while also drawing a clear lineage from the earnest, everyman indie rock of Sebadoh and Track Star.

Hard Girls - Isn't It Worse, Gainful Clumps Tape Cassette Tape – $5.00
Hard Girls

Isn’t It Worse / Gainful Clumps
Collection of songs from Hard Girls’ first album and first EP.

Koi - First Week Cassette Tape – $5.00

First Week
5-song debut of sincere pop-punk from this San Jose 4-piece. Intricate songwriting played with a loose, youthful abandon.

Lemon Party - Mannish Water Vinyl – $5.00
Lemon Party

Mannish Water 7″
Unhinged indie-rock 3-piece from San Francisco. Crushing guitar riffs and Malkmusian melodies make this an undeniable classic.

Lemon Party - Trash City Tape Cassette Tape – $5.00
Lemon Party

Trash City
Final EP from this weird and beautiful San Francisco band. 4-songs of introspective yet pummeling pop-thrash.

Little Mercury - Wazoo Compact Disc – $5.00
Little Mercury

Pure pop tunes disguised as rock & roll anthems, featuring members of Calling All Monsters.

Marathon States Cassette Tape – $5.00
Marathon States

I Want A Warning
Jason Thinh (Short Round, The Chinkees) is back with his new band Marathon States. Drawing inspiration from his daily comforts of comics, television, and music to deal with issues of identity and separation, I Want A Warning combines the angular guitarwork of Sleater Kinney with the heart-on-sleeve desperation of Jawbreaker.

Organized Grime Vinyl – $6.66
Organized Grime

S/T 7″
Grimey dudes from the Bay Area playing fast, fed-up punk jams. Inspired in part by the late 90′s, beers, and the human condition.

Parts of Speech - Living Fast, Cooking Slow Compact Disc – $3.00
Parts of Speech

Living Fast, Cooking Slow
Angular, passionate San Francisco punk.

Primary - Army of Helaman Vinyl – $5.00

Army of Helaman 7″
Featuring members of Link 80 and Shinobu, PRIMARY takes the children’s hymns of their youth and reinvents them as intense hardcore anthems.

Rafa's Tacos Koozie Koozie – $3.00
Rafa’s Tacos

Logo Koozie
The perfect koozie for your beverage of choice, an accompaniment to your Rafa’s Tacos meal.

Shinobu - Worstward Ho LP Vinyl – $15.00

Worstward, Ho! LP
Shinobu’s 2nd full length of weird, introspective indie-punk, originally released on CD in September of 2006. This is a remixed and remastered version appearing on vinyl for the first time. Comes with an exclusive art print by Dianna Settles of Hi-Lo Press.
Shinobu - Tangram Sailors / Ashtray Sea 7inch Vinyl – $5.00

Tangram Sailors / Ashtray Sea 7″
Two new songs, one repossessed song, and a lost gem (if I may be so bold) from the Strange Spring Air sessions.

Shinobu - Herostratus vs. Time Compact Disc – $5.00

Herostratus vs. Time

Speedway - Reno Man Cassette Tape – $5.00

Reno Man Cassingle
Big money, big cash, living large, dying fast. Lo-fi, weirdo rock from Portland.

Speedway - Rough Men Cassette Tape – $5.00

Rough Men Cassingle
Post-apocalyptic outsider rock anthem. Menacing synths and nomadic punk attitude.

Tadaima Cassette Tape – $5.00

Whatever Feels Good
3-piece punk band with no bass guitar in the tradition of Track Star. Five short, fast, bummed-out pop-punk songs from Bay Area native turned LA-resident Bob Vielma and LA-natives turned Bay Area residents Kurt Walcher and Yui Fukunaga.

Snooze Cassette Tape – $5.00

Debut full length of spacy, garagey powerpop from San Diego.

Yulia - Olivias Split Vinyl – $5.50
Yulia / Olivias

Split 7″
2 songs from Yulia of reverb-drenched, sentimental indie/punk. 3 songs from Olivias of stark, tense, catchy indie rock.