The Cuddle Show
The cuddle show is the ultimate expression of the PNP experience. It all began with the first Cuddlefest, Dec. 18, 2004, and has since became a ridiculous ritual carried out every few months.

Ode to the Cuddle Show by David Davis

Cuddlefest 2004 – December 18, 2004 @ The Cuddle Space
Shinobu, November Trials, The Chillin’ Dogs, The Runaway 5, Christmas, The Vives, and Altair Nouveau spinning tracks between sets.
Cuddlefest 2004
This first cuddle show was named after the Chillin’ Dogs song “Cuddlefest 2004″ and also accurately reflected our love of cuddling.

Cuddlestock 2005 – March 25, 2005 @ Avi’s House
Shinobu, The Runaway Five, The Chillin’ Dogs, November Trials, Push To Talk (acoustic), and Compassion In Action.
Cuddlestock 2005
This night ’twas tight.

Cuddlechella – May 27, 2005 @ The Cuddle Space
Shinobu, November Trials, The Chillin’ Dogs
This cuddle show was an excuse to have a BBQ. A poorly attended BBQ.

Cuddle Warped Tour – August 19, 2005 @ The Cuddle Space
Shinobu, Taft’s Brigade, November Trials, Blue Point, Nate Kavanaugh
Cuddle Warped Tour

A homecoming show for Shinobu, K-Town and Jason Jason after touring in Japan. Also, Blue Point’s first show ever!

Cuddlefest 2005 – September 23, 2005 @ The Cuddle Space
Shinobu, The Runaway Five, Jason T and J-Tripz, The Chillin’ Dogs, Taft’s Brigade.

A farewell party for Jeremy, before he departed for the Ukraine.

Casa de Cuddle – November 11, 2005 @ The Cuddle Space
Calling All Monsters, November Trials, Travis Hill, Push To Talk and Shinobu.
Casa de Cuddle


Phat ‘n’ Phunky Phiesta – January 12, 2006 @ The Cuddle Space
Shinobu, November Trials, La Dolce Vita, Birds of Fire, The Chillin’ Dogs, Jason T, Parts of Speech, Taft’s Brigade, Lionel and Keyboard.

One of our best and most diverse lineups.

Ami’s Birthday – March 5, 2006 @ The Cuddle Space
The Runaway Five, The Perverts, and Karaoke Revolution
ghost Ami

Cuddle by Cuddlewest – March 8, 2006 @ The Bronco
November Trials, Shinobu, The Chillin’ Dogs, and Ben Layva.
Cuddle by Cuddlewest


Yet Another Cuddle Show – March 18, 2006 @ The Cuddle Space
November Trials, Shinobu, The Perverts, Beijing Bears, and RSD.

Sophia’s Birthday – June 4, 2006 @ The Cuddle Space
Shinobu, November Trials, Taft’s Brigade, The Perverts, The Chillin’ Dogs, and the Ging Nang Boyz.
Sophia's Birthday

Pretty much the best night ever.

Cuddle Lilith Fair – August 6, 2006 @ The Cuddle Space
Shinobu, Pteradon (formerly known as November Trials), Keyboard, Geisert 8, Nate Kavanaugh, I Heart Metal, and Parts of Speech.
Cuddle Lilith Fair

A truly triumphant night for all.

Live from Cuddlesom Prison – November 22, 2006 @ The Cuddle Space
The Chillin’ Dogs, The Perverts, and the Rap$callionz

Adam and Ami’s Wedding – November 25, 2006 @ Pacifica
Congratulations fools!

New Year’s 2006-2007 – December 31, 2006 @ Avi’s House
Mystical Herb, Shinobu, Pteradon, The Runaway 5, Taft’s Brigade, and Touch My Rash
Mystical Herb

Gringo Starr’s Farewell – January 11, 2007 @ The Cuddle Space
The Chillin Dogs, Shinobu, The Cherry Tempo, I Sing the Body Electric!, Nate Kavanaugh & The Replacematts, I Heart Metal
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Shinobu/Pteradon Tour Kickoff – July 29, 2007 @ The Cuddle Space
Pteradon, Shinobu, Nate Kavanaugh & The Replacematts, Runaway 5
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Cuddle Jihad – December 15, 2007 @ The Cuddle Space
Pteradon, The Chillin Dogs, Shinobu, Nate Kavanaugh, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Parts of Speech, The Albert Square

Jon’s Farewell Show – January 19, 2008 @ The Cuddle Space
Pteradon, Shinobu, Mystical Herb, The Albert Square, Vince Tran, Calling All Monsters, Geisert 8

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