I Sing The Body Electric!
Duck!, she yelled. Or maybe she just screamed, I cant remember. All I know is I was leaning in for a smooch on a street corner, circa 3 am, when a good for nothing elephant stepped on my head. I woke up in a bed with a bandage around my head, there was a mean party going on inside my skull, they were all stomping on the walls trying to get out and lighting firecrackers behind my eyes. The doctor told me that according to witness accounts a runaway boat trailer carrying a sail boat had rolled from the top of some goddamn hill building up speed until I stopped it with my head, the sail boom brained me. I told him an elephant sounds more believable. I told him to get the damn tubes out of my arms and stop trying to suck the life out of me. Now that I was in a hospital, I wished I knew as much as McGuiver so I could rig up something wicked. Like a bomb in the toilet, or a hanglider out of sheets and gurney parts. But I just had to lay there on my stomach and whimper.

Morgan Herrell

2007-1-8 – Recording at the Cuddle Space

Under Control (live at Nickel City)