taft's brigade

Taft’s Brigade
Sometimes you want to learn about history and sometimes you want to just
be made very uncomfortable. And sometimes, we are here to combine the two.
Taft’s Brigade exists to give truth to the accepted wisdom that anyone can
start a punk rock band, even four (handsome) escaped convicts. We never practice, drink before every show, have a healthy disrespect toward just about everything, and enjoy the finer points of thousands of years of historical minutia. We are about having no limits (we are, after all, No Limit Soldiers) and as such, we exhibit a “we don’t even give a care” attitude about a myriad of
things. If you ever want us to play a show or party and confuse the fuck
out of the audience send us a message. We are pretty much interested in educating through confusion. We are pretty much interested in ladies. We are signed to Phat N’ Phunky Phonics, with an album expected once we stop being idiots. Which could either be really soon, or never. Judging from this band bio,