el mejor grupo del mundo

The Chillin Dogs
The Chillin’ Dogs are the Phoenix that rose from the ashes of the seminal hardcore rap crew, The Rap$callionz. The Chillin’ Dogs are schizoid, schizotypal, and schizophrenic. While being the world’s largest producer of dance hits, hard hittin’ beats, ironically immature potty jokes, and polylingual rap, the Chillin’ Dogs are also (without their knowledge) several other bands, each the apex of perfection in their own genre In their sleep they are speed metal gods THE WHITE IRON POISON MEGADEMONZ. When feeling romantic they transform into DADDY & THE BABIES, playing such hits as “Love Dinosaur” and “If You Miss Me Kiss My Butt Twin”. On Tuesdays, or the last day of months with 31 days, they become the Neo-Con punk group, PRO FLAG. When their love for learning overpowers their love for drugs, the Chillin’ Dogs become the AL GORE RHYTHMICS. They are also known to be in FOUNTAINS OF WANG and THE SCAT-ALITES, although details of those groups are sketchy at best. Expect to be seeing more of the Chillin’ Dogs. Their all-nude calendar will be hitting stores this Christmas season.

Adam Subtractum (The Calculator Dude)
Delicious M. Valentine
Rupert Murder
Beat Boy Brandon
Rapid Fire Ruben

WTPDD? (The Song)

2007-1-6 – Live @ San Jose Skate