straight outta san jo!

The Rap$callionz
The Rap$callionz were basically MC Hammer on crack, dropping acid, spanking a woman walking her baby, while giving the baby a doobie, havin a forty fed into his bloodstream intravenously, while Van Halen walks behind him playing theme music. AKA AWESOME. Of all the PNP groups to date, The Rap$callionz are the only certifiably legendary band yet, having annoyed and angered equal numbers of punks and backpackers across the Bay Area. Their legacy lives on in the incredibly lowbrow raps of the Chillin Dogs.

Beat Boy Brandon
Def n Dope
Gringo Starr
Phat ‘n’ Phunky Phil
Rapid Fire Ruben

The Fifth Rap$callion
(before there actually was a 5th Rap$callion)
Chauncey P. Farnsworth – DJ
Cryin’ Ryan – Producer
Rupert Murder – Guitar

Assorted photos from 2001-2004