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Dog People Episode #3: I Don’t Wanna Die w/ Jeff Rosenstock

Special guest Jeff Rosenstock joins us to discuss the Ging Nang Boyz’ song “I Don’t Wanna Die” which he covered on his 2012 mixtape, “I Look Like Shit.” Adam and Mike share some behind the scenes stories from the filming of the song’s music video.

Dog People Episode #2: Japanese Cultural References

Adam leads a discussion exploring some of the Japanese musical and literary art referenced (and often subverted) by Going Steady and Ging Nang Boyz.

Dog People Episode #1: A Brief History of Going Steady & Ging Nang Boyz

In the first episode of Dog People, we briefly talk about the history of Japanese punk leading up to the formation of Going Steady, continue through their run as a band, and on to their transformation in to the Ging Nang Boyz. (Note: This was recorded before the announcement and subsequent release of the band’s 2020 album, Nee Minna Daisuki Da Yo)