Peep the new tracks from Boboso, warming you up for the full mixtape coming later this spring!

Yellin’ in my ear

Seabright, aka J-MO, has dropped some new gangsta chillwave for all y’all to listen to. PEEP THIS NOW!!!

TRASH CITY | Lemon Party

TRASH CITY by Lemon Party

The Fox In Question Will Eventually Reappear

WOW!!! San Jose’s kids have put together one of the dopest bands I have heard in a long time. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

I Am Going

If you’re down with chillin’, and if you’re down with listenin’ to dope music, then maybe you should combine your two hobbies and check out the Seabright show this coming Wednesday at the Blank Club (44 S. Almaden Avenue in San Jose). Seabright will be performing with Themes and Guests (yes, these are two separate band names) at 9 PM and it’s FREE. GRATIS!! Woohoo! You can also download his new EP, Dark City, HERE for free, as well. NIIICE!


Download the new Chotto Ghetto album HERE. You can also click here for more details.

It’s Just Me Cast As Me

The Chijo single has been added to the discography. Niiiice.

Sailor Suit and Machine Gun

Here’s two Chijo jams available for download (a third hopefully on the way soon…):

Be Ambitious, But Not Cocky (mp3 4.7mb)
セーラー服と機関銃 (mp3 3.6mb)

Baby Pants

Baby Pants
I made a page for my mostly non-existent solo project, Baby Pants. I recorded a song and posted it up too.