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Koi - First Week

BA-BAM! Another new release comin’ at ya! I’m very excited to be releasing the debut tape from San Jose’s very own KOI. First Week comes with five tracks of sincere pop punk, whose deceptively intricate songwriting is played with a loose, youthful abandon. Check out the first track “Pond” below:

Pre-order the tape HERE!



Shinobu, Gnarboots, The Albert Square & Good Hustle join a ton of other awesome bands like the Minibosses and Slime Girls at ROCKAGE, Feb. 8-10. BE THERE!!!


Long time friend ZACK plays in this band, PRETTY OLD, who are about to release a split with San Jose’s SALT FLAT. YOW!!!

San Jose show with them this weekend!

Pieces of pulp upon my lips


Yellin’ in my ear

Seabright, aka J-MO, has dropped some new gangsta chillwave for all y’all to listen to. PEEP THIS NOW!!!


The PNP Phamily hit up Furcon in downtown San Jose last weekend after some cakes ‘n’ kung-fu.

Lots of nice folks and nice costumes.

Bewildered looks and surreal situations abounded.

These teenage metalheads took a time-machine from a 1980′s movie about stereotyped hard rockers just to be at Furcon 2012.

Ping Pang!

Our good friends the Pillowfights have released a final EP of songs leading up to their last show on Dec. 17 (with The Albert Square). Peep the tunes if you so desire!