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We’ll see you when you sleep…

Have you heard the new Gnarboots EP?

My So-Called Comp

Our good friend Scott got a bunch of folks together to cover a bunch of 90′s songs. The Albert Square, Boboso, Gnarboots, Dad Punchers, Tim from the French Exit, Danny from Jabber and a bunch of other nice folks got in on this. CHECK IT OUT!


Shinobu, Gnarboots, The Albert Square & Good Hustle join a ton of other awesome bands like the Minibosses and Slime Girls at ROCKAGE, Feb. 8-10. BE THERE!!!

A Bizarre Music Video by GnarBoots

Gnarboots’ “Cats in Pajamas” video was featured on LAUGHING SQUID and HUFFINGTON POST! WEIRD!!!

Catch their next show February 9th at ROCKAGE 2.0.



Gnarboots is flying to AZ for a show with the always dope MINIBOSSES!


California Extreme 2012

This flyer is pretty hard on the eyes, but this should be fun. If y’all got a hankerin’ for classic arcade games and hella money to spare, come on out!


Gnarboots & DJ COCO will be performing at this show with the ridickalissly good MINIBOSSES. I didn’t even know they were still around, years after jamming their BRASS album. Check out this dope track from the ridickalissly titled BRASS 2:MOUTH album:

Yulia will be playing with them the next day, June 3rd at Streetlight Records in San Jose. NIIICE!

8-Bit Love Triangle