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I (Assume I) Know What I’m Doing

The Albert Square - I Assume I Know What I'm Doing LP

We’re super happy to present to you The Albert Square’s first full length LP, I (Assume I) Know What I’m Doing. 13 tracks of gigantic guitars and Costello-esque melodies, with lyrics about the potentially never-ending journey to self-discovery and fulfillment. Available on five very pretty colors of vinyl, as well as a variety of bundles. Check the MAILORDER page for all that!

Preview the song “Agnes” below:

Track List
1. One Seventh of the Week
2. Pictures of Your Grandson (Oh, Donald!)
3. Galesburg, IL
4. She Was A Deist
5. The Kids Are All Jerks!
6. Pins and Arrows
7. (Nobody Is) On Your Team
8. A Skull. A Door. The Middle of the Desert. (Waldorf)
9. Agnes (I Assume I Know What I’m Doing)
10. Sum of Our Parts
11. Get Back Here
12. Assuming (Instrumental)
13. I Am Not a Closer

Time for livin’

Listen to the EP here and then mailorder dem vinyl boyz!

How’s Everybody’s Doings?

Albert Square 7-inch

This Saturday, June 1st, the Albert Square will be releasing a new 4-song 7″!!! NIIIICE!

To celebrate the release of the record, they’ll be playing at Homestead Lanes in Cupertino with Breathing Patterns, Daikon, and Needlecraft (from Montana). Click HERE for the Facebook invite and all that jazzzzz.

You can pre-order the record HERE on the PNP mailorder page or buy it directly from the band at the show!!!

Here’s a little blurb describing the record for you literary-types:

After a two-year hiatus, San Jose’s The Albert Square returns as singer/songwriter Sim Castro’s solo project. Backed by Southern California’s Summer Vacation, How Is Everybody’s Doings? is a collection of driven, lo-fi songs straddling the border of punk and indie rock and centering around themes of loneliness, isolation and the consequences of royally screwing up.

He Looks Like A Gorilla


Lots of exciting stuff going on with the PNP phamily these days! A lot of new records from new and old faces, and I hope you’re all as excited as I am for these to come out! Here’s a quick list of some upcoming stuff:

“How’s Everybody’s Doings” 7-Inch
Sim recorded 4 brand new jams with Summer Vacation as his backing band. Definitely the type of stuff you 20-somethings will want to listen to as you live through folly after increasingly embarrassing folly. FUN FUN!!! Coming out in June.

Brilliant, jazzy skramz from the best young dudes in San Jose and Santa Cruz. This is gonna be co-released with our damies at Lauren Records and Texas Toast DIY. Hopefully this will be available by late summer.

Some decidedly un-smooth (rough?) jazz from the world’s sexiest vegetarian trombonist. Solo and group stuff. This will be out any day now!

Split 7-Inch
2 brand new jams from each band. Four Tomorrow are consistently one of Japan’s dopest bands, always refining and rejuvenating their brand of cathartic, melodic punk. You know the deal with Shinobu! This is gonna be co-released with Suburbia Works in Japan.

There’s more stuff on the horizon, so in the meantime tell your friends and family that you love them, chill at the buffet and do whatever feels good.


The Albert Square Spring Tour!



Shinobu, Gnarboots, The Albert Square & Good Hustle join a ton of other awesome bands like the Minibosses and Slime Girls at ROCKAGE, Feb. 8-10. BE THERE!!!

Eat A Sandwich

Check out this article Aaron Carnes wrote about The Pillowfights and Albert Square’s joint last show, Saturday at Homestead Lanes in Cupertino. Joining them that night are Daikon, Boboso, and Summer Vacation, who I’m praying will have their new album for sale.


HERE‘s a feature/interview of Shinobu in the Metro. DING DONG! Here’s a brief excerpt:

Despite barely being a band anymore, Shinobu has a slew of new releases.

Ain’t that the truth!


The Shinobu / Albert Square 7″ is up for order now on the PNP MAILORDER page. NIIIICE! Help Byron feed his expensive habit of fabergé egg collecting with an inexpensive $5 donation which comes with a RECORD, a little postcard with LINER NOTES, a COVER made out of PAPER, and maybe a DOWNLOAD CODE??? (Not sure about that last part).


Despite having a different show the same night as this one, I made a flyer for these fools: