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How’s Everybody’s Doings?

Albert Square 7-inch

This Saturday, June 1st, the Albert Square will be releasing a new 4-song 7″!!! NIIIICE!

To celebrate the release of the record, they’ll be playing at Homestead Lanes in Cupertino with Breathing Patterns, Daikon, and Needlecraft (from Montana). Click HERE for the Facebook invite and all that jazzzzz.

You can pre-order the record HERE on the PNP mailorder page or buy it directly from the band at the show!!!

Here’s a little blurb describing the record for you literary-types:

After a two-year hiatus, San Jose’s The Albert Square returns as singer/songwriter Sim Castro’s solo project. Backed by Southern California’s Summer Vacation, How Is Everybody’s Doings? is a collection of driven, lo-fi songs straddling the border of punk and indie rock and centering around themes of loneliness, isolation and the consequences of royally screwing up.