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Dog Police!

Hugey Bear’s gettin’ down on the literary tip.

BiggA spiga!

Hey! SUP!  HI!

Homeslice KEVIN DAY has posted some new tracks from his solo project ASPIGA on his myspace.  CHECK IT OUT:

Also, I am pumped to hear the wicked sick demos from THE BEARS.

Lot’s more going on…

Hard Girls are playing their co-CD release show(with The Albert Square) this Friday, the 5th at Nickel City with Mike Park, Kevin Seconds and Jesse Michaels. Not coming to this event would be like shooting your grandma in the face with a potato gun.

Ian(Pteradon fame), has started writing the punkest reviews possible for uber-punkcore zine Razorcake.  FUCK YEAH. Pick up the next issue, fucker.