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Mars Is Heaven

DAWGS! The most underrated songwriter of his generation, MORGAN HERRELL (of Hard Girls, Pteradon and I Sing The Body Electric!), has released a new album of stellar tunes (pun not intended but appropriate). Morgan’s music turns the mundane into the magical, extracting beauty from the minutiae of common life and singing it sweetly back to us. I sincerely hope you’ll sit down with these tunes and enjoy them as I have.


Thanks to everyone who came out to Cuddlefest! Pretty much every band played their best set ever, everyone was super chill, and great memories were made. Special thanks to Mikey from Dana St. for letting us use the space! If you wanna check out some photos, the Metro posted up a bunch HERE.


You’re barking up the wrong tree!

Check out this dope mini comic featuring Pteradon, Hard Girls, Bomb the Music Industry and more!


The long-awaited, best album you never heard, ¡VIVA!, by PTERADON, is finally available HERE as a FREE download. NIIIICE! I wish I was capable of saying something more poignant than just, “NIIIICE!”, to let the world know what PTERADON meant to me and what I think they would’ve meant to our insular music scene had they been heard by all. I can only hope that this album will spread by word of mouth, sloppy mixtapes, and through OCD i-pod DJing in a friend’s car and give PTERADON the recognition they deserve.

David Choe + Shinobu + Pteradon

Our friend Akira (who made this awesome video) featured a Shinobu song in this video he made for David Choe. NICE!

Also, here’s some more video from the recent batch of Shinobu shows early on in September. If you like the new song, we just finished mixing it and 2 other songs that’ll probably end up on some sort of EP over the next few months. NIIIIIIIICE!

And, one of Pteradon’s first show in ages up in San Francisco:

BiggA spiga!

Hey! SUP!  HI!

Homeslice KEVIN DAY has posted some new tracks from his solo project ASPIGA on his myspace.  CHECK IT OUT:

Also, I am pumped to hear the wicked sick demos from THE BEARS.

Lot’s more going on…

Hard Girls are playing their co-CD release show(with The Albert Square) this Friday, the 5th at Nickel City with Mike Park, Kevin Seconds and Jesse Michaels. Not coming to this event would be like shooting your grandma in the face with a potato gun.

Ian(Pteradon fame), has started writing the punkest reviews possible for uber-punkcore zine Razorcake.  FUCK YEAH. Pick up the next issue, fucker.