Dog People Episode #3: I Don’t Wanna Die w/ Jeff Rosenstock

Special guest Jeff Rosenstock joins us to discuss the Ging Nang Boyz’ song “I Don’t Wanna Die” which he covered on his 2012 mixtape, “I Look Like Shit.” Adam and Mike share some behind the scenes stories from the filming of the song’s music video.

Dog People Episode #2: Japanese Cultural References

Adam leads a discussion exploring some of the Japanese musical and literary art referenced (and often subverted) by Going Steady and Ging Nang Boyz.

Dog People Episode #1: A Brief History of Going Steady & Ging Nang Boyz

In the first episode of Dog People, we briefly talk about the history of Japanese punk leading up to the formation of Going Steady, continue through their run as a band, and on to their transformation in to the Ging Nang Boyz. (Note: This was recorded before the announcement and subsequent release of the band’s 2020 album, Nee Minna Daisuki Da Yo)

Dog People

Dog People is a podcast about the Japanese punk bands Going Steady & Ging Nang Boyz. Hosted by PNP Crew members Bob Vielma, Adam Pasion, and Mike Huguenor, it is a love letter to the bands with in-depth analysis of their music and lyrical themes, along with discussion giving context to their influences and legacy. Interviews with band members, friends, and followers of the band. You can hear a preview episode now embedded below and on all the usual podcast services (except for Apple, which is coming sooooon), and the first full episode debuts Monday, February 8, 2021.

Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk

Flagstaff songwriter Kris Kohl led the band Cereal Milk in the mid-late 2010′s, a highlight among the many greats in Arizona’s perennially bullshit-free rock community. Self-described as “alt-emo”, Kohl’s diaristic and intimate lyrics recall those of Bay Area greats such as Blake Schwarzenbach or Aaron Cometbus, with expansive riffs that could probably trace their roots back to 1980′s Minneapolis. A big-hearted record for all you sentimental rockers out there.

Check out the record on bandcamp (below) or on all those other streaming services!

Friend Of My Youth – Telling

Sharp melodic punk from this bold Corvallis/Santa Barbara 3-piece. Singer/guitarist Indiana Laub is the fierce, beating heart of the amazing Corvallis scene, and a DIY legend in my book. It is an honor to be releasing this kickass cassette in conjunction with Secret Pennies and Salinas Records who are doing the LP. Peep the stream below and pre-order your copy here!

Flexing – Modern Discipline

Howdy amigos! I’m super excited to be releasing the upcoming Flexing cassette, Modern Discipline. Flexing is a dark, aggressive, political post-punk band from Corvallis, Oregon. Fans of Fugazi or This Is My Fist will surely dig this record. Check out the bandcamp stream below and pre-order a copy here. This is a split release with the homies at Secret Pennies Records.

Flexing will be touring this summer in support of the tape. Dates below:

August 6th – Boise, ID @ TBA
August 7th – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Underground
August 8th – Denver, CO @ 7th Circle // Aaron / Alex
August 9th – Albuquerque @ Moonlight Lounge
August 10th – Tucson, AZ @ TBA
August 11th – San Diego, CA @ San Diego Content Partners
August 12th – Coachella Valley, CA @ Club 5
August 13th – San Pedro, CA @ The Sardine
August 14th – Los Angeles, CA @ Coaxial Art Foundation
August 15th – San Jose, CA @ 3F
August 16th – Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman
August 17th – Arcata, CA @ Outer Space

Breakfast in Silence / Calendar Year split tape

Breakfast in Silence

New from the Phat ‘n’ Phunky Phamily, we have 8-songs of nice people punk rock from SLC and NYC. Breakfast in Silence play moody, stark post-punk, contrasted with Calendar Year’s wide-eyed, emotional punk. Stream the songs now on bandcamp (below) or on spotify or whatever! Tapes will be available March 29, but you can pre-order them HERE right now. Split release with Makeout Point Records.

Mars Is Heaven

DAWGS! The most underrated songwriter of his generation, MORGAN HERRELL (of Hard Girls, Pteradon and I Sing The Body Electric!), has released a new album of stellar tunes (pun not intended but appropriate). Morgan’s music turns the mundane into the magical, extracting beauty from the minutiae of common life and singing it sweetly back to us. I sincerely hope you’ll sit down with these tunes and enjoy them as I have.

Hecka Halloween

New, obnoxious halloween mix for all you PNP heads out there! Enjoy, eat hecka candy, and be safe!