Bull Shannon – Chill Power!!!!!

Bull Shannon - Chill Power!!!!!

Surprise! Here’s the 4-track debut for the Los Angeles trio, BULL SHANNON. Featuring Chris Candy (Chotto Ghetto) on vocals & bass, Bob Vielma (Shinobu, Fuss) also on bass, and Neil Hennessy (Lawrence Arms, Treasure Fleet) on drums, their dual bass style is surprisingly melodic and nimble. Pre-order the tape now and stay tuned for upcoming shows soon!


George Crustanza

We’re super stoked be releasing the new album from our old friends, GEORGE CRUSTANZA, a smart, snotty and riffy hardcore band from the bay area. Pre-order the tape here! Available for streaming on all platforms today, though! WOO!

Dogbreth – Believe This Rain

Dogbreth - Believe This Rain

New DOGBRETH LP/CD/Cassette Believe This Rain coming this summer from Phat ‘n’ Phunky! Pre-order here!

Formed in 2009, Dogbreth is the vehicle for lead songwriter Tristan Jemsek and a rotating collective of friends to share intimate, open-hearted rock ‘n’ roll. Initially based in Phoenix, with a stint in Seattle before settling in Tucson, Jemsek is now joined by bandmates Logan Greene, Raybear, Ryan Petersavage, and Ty Rutkowski. The band has toured relentlessly over the years and has released 4 studio albums and multiple EPs to warm critical reception. On Believe This Rain the band continues to take influence from guitar-driven power pop and mid-80

We’re Not Alone


We’re super happy to announce the first LP from FUSS, We’re Not Alone. Fuss is a 3-piece punk band from Terminal Island, CA featuring singer/bassist Bob Vielma, guitarist Chase Knobbe, and drummer Nick Aguilar. With an earnest and direct melodicism inspired by J-pop, disco, and 80s British punk, Fuss drop tiny anthems of life after your 20s: trying to keep cool when you feel terrible, working, and continuing to seek out community. Honest and vulnerable, this album captures the immediacy and uncertainty of the millennial experience: an openhearted yearning felt all the more intensely as the world falls apart around us. The album was recorded by our dear friend Jeff Rosenstock on 8-track reel to reel tape in streetwear company Undefeated

Cereal Milk

Cereal Milk

Flagstaff songwriter Kris Kohl led the band Cereal Milk in the mid-late 2010′s, a highlight among the many greats in Arizona’s perennially bullshit-free rock community. Self-described as “alt-emo”, Kohl’s diaristic and intimate lyrics recall those of Bay Area greats such as Blake Schwarzenbach or Aaron Cometbus, with expansive riffs that could probably trace their roots back to 1980′s Minneapolis. A big-hearted record for all you sentimental rockers out there.

Check out the record on bandcamp (below) or on all those other streaming services!

Friend Of My Youth – Telling

Sharp melodic punk from this bold Corvallis/Santa Barbara 3-piece. Singer/guitarist Indiana Laub is the fierce, beating heart of the amazing Corvallis scene, and a DIY legend in my book. It is an honor to be releasing this kickass cassette in conjunction with Secret Pennies and Salinas Records who are doing the LP. Peep the stream below and pre-order your copy here!

Mars Is Heaven

DAWGS! The most underrated songwriter of his generation, MORGAN HERRELL (of Hard Girls, Pteradon and I Sing The Body Electric!), has released a new album of stellar tunes (pun not intended but appropriate). Morgan’s music turns the mundane into the magical, extracting beauty from the minutiae of common life and singing it sweetly back to us. I sincerely hope you’ll sit down with these tunes and enjoy them as I have.

Punk + Guy Fieri

Hi friends! The Rafa’s Tacos Mixtape is out now! Mailorder here, or listen above on bandcamp or on spotify here.

Rafa’s Tacos Mixtape 9/21/2018

Friends from Northern California, Southern California, Arizona, and Japan come together to rock in honor of our favorite taquero, Rafa’s Tacos. All profits from this project to be donated to the American Diabetes Association. Preview the A-Side tracks in the video above.


Howdy! Here’s a demo from a new band in the PNP phamily: FUSS! Enjoy! First show July 4 @ Rick’s House in San Pedro.